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Servizz Għożża

Servizz Għożża within the Ministry of Education provides a support service and an educational programme to unmarried pregnant minors with the intention of leading them to adopt a positive attitude towards motherhood while empowering them to pursue their career paths.

Services Offered

- Providing psychological, moral and educational support for pregnant girls
​​- Counselling service for girls, their partners and their respective families
- Meetings for parents of pregnant girls
- Support groups for mother and baby
- Prevention programmes for parents of students in Year 5 & 6 in all primary schools;
- Educational programmes aimed at enhancing the mothers' academic development
- Liaising with schools and other relevant organizations and services for the benef​​it of both schoolgirl mother and child
Contact details
Servizz Għożża
Frederick Maempel Square
Tel: 21480380 / 21243869
Email: nationalschoolsupportservices.mede@gov.mt

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