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Adoption and Fostering

Adoption and Fostering procedures are managed by Aġenzija Appoġġ within the Foundation of Social Welfare Services (FSWS).

Adoption Services

Prospective adoptive parents have to meet criteria, established by law, to be eligible to adopt a child:
- If the persons who would like to adopt a child is a couple, at least one of them must be 28 years of age or older. This also applies to a single person.
- Between the child and any one of the adoptive parents, there must be a maximum discrepancy of 45 years. This also applies for a single person.
- Cohabiting couples cannot adopt. Only one (1) person from the couple can adopt and the other person is not obliged to maintain the child and has no rights over the child.

Fostering Services

The Fostering Service aims at offering a family experience to those children who, for some reason or another cannot live with their birth parents. The situations which may lead to fostering include parents' death, familial crises, conflicts arising between parents, difficulties in parental capacity, illnesses, drug and/or alcohol abuse, imprisonment of parents and child abuse that includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse, or neglect. 

Prospective Applicant Parents

Prospective applicants can formally apply with Aġenzija Appoġġ and will be assessed to determine their suitability.
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