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Own Private Transport

Any citizen aged 18 and over can take up driving lessons with a licensed motoring school or driving instructor. The driving instructor will then guide the applicant through the process of eventually taking the driving test and obtaining the driving license.

New drivers who pass their driving tests are granted a probationary driving licence valid for 3 calendar years, subject to a penalty point system. For each listed contravention, penalty points are recorded on the driver’s counterpart probationary driving licence. In such cases, the Authority requests the driver to submit the driving licence counterpart for updating. A fresh counterpart shall then be issued free of charge.

A probationary driving licence is revoked if, during the three-year probationary period, the driver accumulates twelve (12) penalty points or more. A renewaI application is accepted only after three months from such revocation by starting the whole process of obtaining a licence afresh.

A full driving licence for ten (10) years is issued upon renewal if there are less than twelve (12) or no penalty points recorded. A renewal fee is due every ten (10) years until 70 years of age, where the licence renewal is then every five (5) years with supporting documentation.

All private vehicles must pass a Vehicle Roadworthiness (VRT) Test from an authorized VRT Testing Station to be driven on the roads. The next VRT test due is listed on the road license disc. 

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