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When do I call 112?

The emergency number 112 is for when you need urgent help. When you call 112, please tell the operator:
- what has happened;
- what assistance is needed;
- and which emergency service you think is required: police, fire brigade or ambulance service

Call 112 when...

- You’ve have had a car accident and someone cannot get out of one of the cars
- You see someone breaking into a car
- You are the witness to a crime 
- You are threatened in a public place or in your home
- Someone is trying to break down your front door
Do NOT call 112 when...
- You had a car accident and everyone came out of their cars. Call the local wardens - (+356) 21320202
- You find that your house has been burgled. The culprits are gone. Call the local police station (+356) 21 224001
- You find an animal stuck somewhere and unable to free itself. Call the animal ambulance service (1717)    
- You have no power and the blackout appears to extend to the entire street (electricity service 8007 2224)

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