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Looking for a job

Jobsplus offers public assistance when looking for work through training courses and employment coaching schemes. Job seekers registered with Jobsplus will be guided to develop a Personal Action Plan (PAP) towards finding the job which best matches the applicant's skills and qualifications.

The PAP includes the job applications sent by the jobseeker and records the follow-up feedback for each application sent. For any potential job interview, it is a good idea to get familiar with job searching and interviewing tips. Not only that, check out local employment laws as laid out by Maltese law.

Inclusive Employment Services are also available for job seekers with socio-economic difficulties to enter the labour market. 

Alternatively, you may contact a private employment agency to assist you with your job search. Some employment agencies may specialize in one employment sector while others are generic.  

Whatever your choice, good luck for your job search