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The Local Enforcement System

Local Enforcement refers to Central Government’s delegation to Local Councils to enforce selected minor offences (referred to as contraventions). Local Enforcement is aimed at providing safeguards to local citizens with respect to law abidance and order, as well as to have better educated citizens. Competition

The main objectives of Local Enforcement is twofold: to have more compliance and ultimately to have better citizens in our localities. The end result should be one where the law-abiding citizen is shielded from those who break the law through the introduction of disciplinary measures. Local Enforcement is exercised through co-operation among neighbouring Local Councils in order to ensure full compliance with the law. This objective has been realised to date through a system of Joint Committees, whereby each Joint Committee exercises jurisdiction over a particular geographical area.

Local Enforcement is exercised through Police Officers, Local Wardens who act on behalf of the contracting Local Council, Transport Malta Officials, Education Officials, and Environmental Field Inspectors. Local enforcement is not limited solely to on-street parking and traffic legislation, but also to enforcement and inspection in relation to other areas such as:


  • Inspection and reporting on trading licences;
  • Littering Offences;
  • Checking and Reporting on Infringements in Building and Spatial Planning Regulations on
    behalf of the Malta Environment Planning Authority;
  • Building Permits Enforcement and Status Reporting;
  • Other Traffic related functions (off-street parking, parking permits etc).



Local Enforcement System
Tel: (+356) 2331 8900
Email: helpline@les.gov.mt  
Website: les.gov.mt/default.aspx 


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