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Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika (ŻAK)


Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika (ZAK) provide programmes of spiritual and personal development. The aim of this process is to affirm an individual in his or her proper identity and involve him/her in relationship with God and others.

A ZAK youth group provides:


  • Spiritual Awakening: to rediscover the God beyond all that has been identified through the young person's past years.
  • Association: a place to meet friends and socialise.
  • Activities: new experiences and opportunities to exercise the body and mind.
  • Advice: a process which provides information, help and referrals
  • Action in Community: opportunities to help and assist in parish needs.
  • Access to life and vocational skills: to mediate transition from full-time education to adult life.


The above provisions are provided in various proportions to suit the needs of the particular parish group and even age range.

ZAK works with various groups starting from 11 years to 17 years upwards. Each youth group is facilitated by a youth worker or youth leader who is either a priest or a lay person together with the young people themselves. The guiding principle is 'EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND ACCESS'.

ZAK is made up of a president and a national team. However decisions are taken when leaders from all youth groups meet once a month for a support group. During the support group each group is given the opportunity to explain what has been going on and also to advertise coming activities. National and international events are also discussed during the support group and decisions are taken. The leaders will then pass on any necessary information during the meetings held in the various parishes. When planning activities, both on a national and on a parish level, ZAK promotes the use of planning groups. Anyone who wants can join in the planning group and help in organising that particular activity. This is of course very good as it promotes empowerment and gives a chance to experience responsibility.

Each ZAK group is parish based and the activities are very varied. Meetings are held weekly and this is where some of the activities are planned. The activities vary from those just for the group, to those on a parish level to those aimed at inviting other ZAK groups to attend. A typical meeting will start with reflections and possibly a small group game. The meeting itself will be a discussion or a group game which promotes working in teams and other similar life-skills. Processing is followed by a prayer.

Besides the many activities that are organised by the parish groups, ZAK is also involved in other activities, both national and international. National activities held are varied. ZAK organises a Summer Camp each year for its members to reaffirm the members’ identity and formation. It also organises two social events - one in the summer and another in winter. Leaders attend a Leadership Training seminar yearly. ZAK also takes part actively in activities organised by the Maltese Catholic Action and other activities organised on a diocese level such as the Pentecost Vigil and Christ the King celebrations.

International activities are rather numerous. There are many opportunities for ZAK members to go abroad and participate in activities organised by both FIMCAP and EYCE of whom ZAK is a member. These activities could be leadership training, seminars on various issues, etc. There are also times when ZAK hosts international activities here in Malta and they are attended by foreigners. This gives the Maltese members a chance to take part in international activities without going through the expense of going abroad.


Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika
213, Triq Brared, Birkirkara
Email: info@zakmalta.org
Website: www.zakmalta.org