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Kunsill Malti għall-iSport

Kunsill Malti għall-iSport (KMS) was set up as a result of the Sports Act 2002 with the aim to provide a legislative structure to sport and set down principles as to how sport should be regulated, administered and financed in the Maltese Islands.

The strategic goals of Kunsill Malta għall-iSport, as set down in the Sports Act 2002, promote a holistic approach. These goals can be classified in immediate ones as well as ‘medium term’ and ‘long term’ goals and include that KMS is:

  • to instill a deeper and wider sport culture amongst all the population;
  • to promote and encourage further participation in sport and physical activity;
  • to develop and implement programs that promote equality both as regards access to and participation in sport;
  • to ensure the provision of resources, services and facilities for the promotion of sport in Malta;
  • to promote and improve the sporting abilities of local sportspeople through the improvement in the standard of coaches, administrators and officials within local sport entities;
  • to foster co-operation with local and international sport entities to promote the development of sport programmes and activities;
  • to ensure that all sport activities respect human dignity and the health and safety of all participants as well as the values of fair play; and
  • to encourage non-government entities, local councils and private enterprises and individuals to contribute towards the promotion of sport and physical activity in the Maltese Islands.

Kunsill Malti għall-iSport’s work as the national authority for sport is quite vast and widespread and amongst other things includes:

  • the management and running of Government sport facilities;
  • the running of sport facilities within state schools outside school hours;
  • the organisation of sports programmes on a national scale addressed to different strata of society;
  • providing assistance, through set and publicly known Assistance Schemes, to sports entities registered with KMS; and
  • to advise Government on all metters realated to sport.

KMS is determined to make a difference and this can only be achieved through the attainment of high standards remaining true to the core values. The philosophy followed by the KMS Board of Directors is integrity, transparency and accountability and in the future KMS will remain loyal to these values. KMS encourages all sports entities, namley associations, clubs and even individuals to register, at no cost, with KMS.

Legal Notice 63/2008 was issued by Government in 2008. This legal notice described in detail the KMS’ role as the National Sports Registrar.

The Sports Act 2002 refered directly to the registration process which led to the creation of a National Sports Register. This contains all those sport entities recognised by KMS since they fulfill a number of set standards and criteria and thus also serving as a direct reference to those sport entities which are run and administered on a serious and professional basis.

Only registered sport entities and individuals can today be entitled to apply and receive any form of assistance or benefit from any financial incentives from both the Government and KMS.

The initial process of registration requires the sport entity to put forward along with the relevant application form, a copy of their statute which provides proof that they are governed by democratic principles. In addition, the sport entity must also submit a copy of their audited financial report to vet whether the entity is a non-profit, not-for-profit or a profit making entity.

National sport entities need also to confirm their official recognition and affiliation with the sports international governing body.

In the future, it is planned that registered entities will also be expected to adhere to the principles relating to the, yet to be issued, KMS Child Protection in Sport Guidelines, the KMS Code of Ethics in Sport, the KMS Coaching Policy and other policies in the pipeline which are aimed to increase standards and develop local sport on a more professional level.

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