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Nowadays, Maltese people are travelling more frequently than before for diverse reasons, being for for work, study, learning and training opportunities and for the pleasure of going on holiday. It is important that before you decide to go abroad you have to make sure that you have all the travelling documents at hand. Competition

Check that your passport is still valid. Some non-EU countries may also prevent travellers from entering the country if their passport does not stand free of an expiration date of at least six months from the expected date of entry into the country. If you lose your passport when you are abroad the Maltese embassy or consulate will issue a temporary travel document that will enable you to go back to Malta.

A visa may be required to be able to enter a non-EU country, and should you have to go through another country before reaching your destination you would need a visa transit, therefore it would be better to apply for a visa before you depart from Malta. It is also important to note that your issued visa will cover the full period of your stay, as harsh penalties will be imposed if you stay more than it is stated on your visa.

Travel insurance is also important, both for short and long stays. If you are a frequent traveller you are encouraged to apply for an annual travel insurance policy which is offered by various local insurance agencies.

A minimum of six weeks before you go abroad, check if you need any vaccinations to go to that particular country. One must not assume that you do not need a vaccination if you are travelling within Europe.

If you are on any kind of medicine make sure you take them with you, together with you prescription. Keep in mind that certain medicines might be illegal in that country or countries you are about to visit, therefore, check all your requirements before travelling. On the other hand check if you bought any medicines from abroad whether they are illegal in Malta or not.

Finally, do not forget to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, and see if there is any information related to the country of your destination. Additionally, a good guide to Maltese travellers may be found in the EUPA website.

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